WELCOME // Friday, March 7


  • Welcome
  • Greetings to Cusco Jam
  • Speed dating
  • Team building activity
  • Intro to Service Design
  • Dinner
  • Secret Theme Revealed!
  • “Yes, but…”
  • Better brainstorming
  • Team formation
  • Open jamming

JAM // Saturday, March 8


  • Breakfast
  • Jamming
  • User research session by Alex Cheek
  • Guerilla user research by Deborah Spector
  • Service design blueprints by Steven Fisher
  • Greetings with LA Jam
  • Lunch on your own
  • Rough and ready prototype feedback session
  • Greetings and share initial projects with San Francisco Jam
  • Upload digital tangibles
  • Testable prototype ready to hit the streets!

DELIVER // Sunday, March 9


  • Jam feedback by Meena Kothandaraman
  • Sharing projects with LA Jam
  • Deadline for uploading projects
  • Prototype demos begin @ 3 pm

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