Breakout sessions

The Boston Service Jam is planning 20 minute breakout sessions throughout the jam from experts in service and user experience design.

Alex Cheek
Alex Cheek

Alex Cheek, Macromicro
From Service Design to Organizational Change in Healthcare
A case study of how a team and I used service design and design research to inform organizational change.

Jessamyn Miller
Jessamyn Miller

Jessamyn Miller, Autodesk
Service Design 101
From hand-waving to sketching to prototypes and beyond

Deborah Spector
Deborah Spector

Deborah Spector, Bentley University
Brainstorming Bonanza
Use a variety of brainstorming tools to generate ideas for your projects for the jam.

Steven Fisher
Steven Fisher
Steven Fisher, SeaChange
Service Design Blueprints
Here at Service Jam you are out to create solutions through service design. But how do you actually map these solutions to form a path to an actionable plan? With a Service Design Blueprints. Your speaker, Steve Fisher, will present an excerpt from his presentation “Service Design Can Save the World” and discuss these blueprints and their core components (e.g. journey maps, proto-personas). He will also demonstrate their creation and use an example of something most of us experience on a daily basis. About Steve – He has a fancy UX title at a big company here in Boston and loves to work on Service Design projects of all shapes and sizes. You can stalk him on LinkedIn if you like at to find out more about him.

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