What to Expect

Jam Tips

Show Jam Spirit

  • Start fresh. Teams and concepts form at the jam.
  • Research and test your prototype with real people. Hit the streets!
  • Show me, don’t tell me. Talk less and prototype more.
  • Enjoy the jam! Jam for the sake of jamming.

During the Jam

  • Always be uploading. Register with Planet Jam when you first arrive. Upload work as you go.
  • Tag everything! Tweet with #gsjam #boston
  • Keep the secret. The theme is revealed at 6:30 pm – please don’t tweet, blog, or post about it!
  • Make it yourself. Please don’t use copyrighted images or music. Shoot your own pictures and use only creative commons license or public domain materials.

Jam Help

  • Ask the organizers (Jessamyn, Deborah, Neha, Heather) ANY question you might have.
  • We’re there to make sure you have a great experience – let us know what you need!

What to bring

  • Laptop, tablet, phone, flash drive
  • Cords, cables and dongles
  • Photo or video camera
  • Water bottle
  • Business cards
  • On Saturday and Sunday, bring toys, art supplies, or containers for prototyping

The Jam will provide

  • Dinner and beverages Friday night
  • Coffee and breakfast pastry Saturday and Sunday
  • Each jammer will receive a Jam Kit with:
    • White paper
    • White card stock
    • Color card stock
    • Chip board
    • Scissors
    • Scotch tape
    • Scratch pad
    • Mechanical pencil
    • G2 Pilot pen
    • Black, red, blue Sharpie
    • Glue stick
    • Velcro
    • Tiny bulldog clip
    • Post It notes
    • Boston Service Jam pin
    • Hershey’s kisses
    • Mini Snickers
    • Smiley face stickers
    • Colored circle stickers

Directions and Transportation

The jam will be held in the Community Room of the Boston Youth Hostel.

19 Stuart Street
Boston, MA 02116

MBTA transit stops:

Boylston Station – Green Line
Chinatown Station – Orange Line

Contact us

Tweet us at @BOS_servicejam or email bostonservicejam@gmail.com


Refunds are not promised for the jam. However, please let the event organizer know if you are unable to attend.


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